TS-005A-25 LCD type latest single barrel hair waver styling curling iron wand hair curling tongs

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TS-005A-25 LCD type latest single barrel hair waver styling curling iron wand hair curling tongs

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Model Number TS-005A-25 LCD version Power cord 1.95m,0.5mm²
Product size: 33.5×6.5x5cm Function

Hair curling function

Voltage 100-240V,50/60Hz Max temperature


Max Power 60W Tube diameter


Auto off


Ceramic coated aluminum tube


30s fast heat up


PTC heater


Certified product Yes 360 degree swivel cord


LCD temperature display & control Yes Application

Domestic, travel, hotel

With spiral shaped anti-scalding tube cover Yes Color White/Champagne/customized
Certified product Yes Other diameters available 10mm,13mm,16mm,19mm,30mm,32mm


Trade terms


Place of origin Ningbo, China MOQ

3000 pcs

Delivery time 35 days Shipping

By Sea

A close supervision is required when it is used by people with injuries or disabilities.Take care of your children, prevent them from taking it as a toy.

1. Do not use accessories or parts produced by other manufacturers.Problems or failure caused by using such kind of accessories or parts will result in your warranty invalidation.
2. To avoid dangerous risks,a damaged power cord should be replaced by professionals from the manufacturer or its repair department or its designated local repair centers. Please do not wind the power cord around the product’s main body.
3. Please put the product on a hot-resistant surface when it is still very hot.Never ever put any coverings such as a towel or clothes over the product when it is hot or in working state.
3. Avoid a direct contact between the high temperature surface of the product and your skin.
4. In consideration of better protection, it is recommended that a residual current protection device(RCD) with rated residual working
current lower than 30mA is added to the electric circuit system which powers the bathroom. For more knowledge on RCD, please contact local RCD installation service providers.

Environmental protection
When this product is to be discarded, please not not mix it with daily trash. To better protect our environment, please hand it over to a government designated local recycle center.

Points for attention on safe use
1. Plug it in to a mains power outlet.
2. By a long press for 2 seconds on the switch key, the product begins to heat up.
3. A short press on the increase or decrease key will enable you to adjust the temperature settings.Choose the proper temperature according to your hair type.The LCD display screen offers you a direct sense of the working state of the device during the use of it.
4. This product has temperature adjustment function.Its temperature can be adjusted in the range of 100°C-200°C.
5.Turn it off by a long press on the switch key for 2 seconds.Unplug it from AC power outlet, wait for its complete cool down before the storing of it.
6.Different temperatures will have different effects on any type of hair.Use a small section of your hair for trial operation to get the
desired effect before you decide on the proper temperature setting and operation time.

7.This product is for domestic personal use, avoid use of it among different people or use by professionals in a salon or barber’s shop.

8. To save energy and improve efficiency, the product will automatically enter into its sleep mode after 30 mimutes time without operation during use. A short press on any key will wake it up.

Circumstances below will result in warranty invalidation
1. Problems caused by wrong maintenance and cleaning or failure of following the operation instructions and points for attention listed here in the manual.
2. Man-made damages during operation.(falling,smashing,unprofessional assembling and disassembling, use of unofficial accessories and parts,application for other purposes, etc.)
3. Damages caused by Force Majeure.


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TS-005A-25 LCD TYPE-2



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