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Product Description

How to fit the contton thread

STEP1 Take some contton thread (length less 36cm)from the attachment. first pass the thread through the middle hold, keep the same length two side.

STEP2:Pass the two side threads through the top holes of steel wire.

STEP3:Entwine the left therad in the bottom of the left bolt and fasten the bolt.

STEP4:Tighten the right thread then entwine in the bottom of the right knob, fasten the bolt.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Can’t remover the hair completely, Great pain caused when pulling the hair?
Answer: Are you moving at the right direction, move against the direction of the growing hair?
Has the cotton thread been placed correctly to your skin? Have you dried your skin and hair completely before use?
Have you applied the loose power?Have you applied lotion?

Question:lrrtations occur?
Answer:Your skin is still adjusting to the new techniques, the irrtations will stop use for 2 or 3 times.

Question: How long need replace the cotton stread?
Answer: Replace every single time after use.

Question: The cotton thread can’t roll smoothly?
Answer: Have you placed the thread corretly? Have you fastened the bolt that keeps the thread in posotion?

Before using your Hair Remover, please read these instruction book carefully and completely.


Facial threading is a traditional beauty technique from ancient China. By manipulating the threads repidly. the fine hair on face can be eliminated. Facial threads will not only leave you with a delicate skin, it will also help you to reach a better result of make of. Meanwhile, it is also a convenient, safe and fast way to remove unwanted hair. Until now, there are still many people adopting this technique.
This Hair Remover follows the concept of facial threading to remove the unwanted hair as well as to constringe pores, the new born hair will be finer as well. without any chemical ingredients. heat, medicine or knife used, there is no side effect. it is the most ideal hair remover for body and face since it treat your skin in a saft way.
Light illuminates be convenient for see hairs.


To avoid malfunction, don’t get close to hair, eyelashes, metal strings, etc.
Never leave your hair remover unattended when in use, household use only.
Use the hair remove only for purposes described in this instruction book. only use assorted adapter and cotton thread.
To avoid malfunction, keep the hair remover and adapter away from water.
Patients under the treatment of varicosity, diabetes, hemophilia or other disease, and people with freckles, Mongolian spots, sensitive skin, and low immunty including pregnant women should consult your doctor before use.
To avoid irritation, please test on arms first.
If any irritations occur after use and is not recover after one week, do not use and consult your doctor.
Keep the loose powder dry, Leave the cotton threads clean.
Please keep out of reach of children.
For ultimate result, Please keep the hair remover clean.
Started from the hair on arms, wait until the skin is adjusted before removing the thicker hair. the unwanted hair is reeled to remove and thus will cause a minor discomfort, the irritations will stop sfter use for 2 or 3 times.

Instructions for use

1. Clean your skin first. Apply moisturizer or facial lotion. the best timing for hair removal is right after shower or bath. dry he descired area completely before use. apply the loose power and ready to start.
2. Insert the adapter plug into the bottom of the unit and plug your adapter into an electrical outlet.
3. Push up the power switch to start. place the cotton thread that is under the spring tightly to your skin. move gently against the direction of the growing hair. please be aware that too much pressure will irritate your skin.
4. Started from the fine hair on arms, wait until the skin is adjusted before removing the thicker hair, the unwanted hair is reeled to remover and thus will cause a minor discomfort. The issitations will after use for 2 or 3 times.
5. After the remove hair, apple your favorite cooling gel or lotion at removed hair area(Ex. :Lotion with aloe ingredient, please use allcohol-free toning lotion)
6. During use, if you want to stop the main uint immediately, puch down the switch to stop.
7. It is normal if the cotton thread is broken while you are using it. please replace the cotton thread, and you can use it again.

Product Specifications

Model Number RSCW-1007 Power type Rechargeable battery,Ni-cd
Product size: 19.5×4.5×5.2cm  Battery capacity 1200mA
Recharge time 8 hours Working time 45 minutes
Voltage 110/220V, 50/60Hz Accessories Power adapter,cotton thread
Color White/pink/customized OEM/ODM Yes
Certified products Yes LED indicator light Yes
MOQ 3000 pcs Trade Terms FOB, EXW
Certified product Yes Place of origin Ningbo, China
Delivery time 35 days Shipping By Sea


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