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Product Description

1. Heating part
2. Temperature indicator light
3. Left/right button
4. Readyness light/Temperature setting button
5. Rotating part
6. Handle
7. 360 degree swivel power cord

1. When using this appliance, please keep away from water in order to avoid electric short circuit or electric shock. Do not use while you are in a bath or in the shower. Do not use the unit if it is damp or if your hands are wet.
2. Make sure your hair is dry when using it. Don’t touch the hot surfaces of the appliance. Use handles or knobs.
3. Always unplug appliance immediately after using.
4. If the appliance falls into water, unplug it immediately. Do not touch the water where the appliance is in it. Use an insulated tool to  take the appliance out and air dry it.
5. If the appliance has any problem, like a broken plug or it has been dropped into water, don’t use it any more. Return it to an authorized service center for examination and repairing, or contact the after-sales service for an exchange.
6. Do not let a child or individuals who have mental or physical problems use this appliance without supervision and instruction from a capable adult throughout the whole process.
7. Be careful not to get burned by the heated part. Do not place this heated unit directly on any surface when you are operating it. After using it, you should put it on a heat-resistant surface.If not, a fire could be caused as a result.
8. If your hair has pomade, hair gel or other hair spray on it, please don’t use this appliance.
9. Do not use it outdoors or operate it around places where aerosol(spray) products are being used or where oxygen is being administered.

When throw away this appliance, please don’t put it together with your daily garbage. You’d better return it to the government designated recycle centers where it will be properly handled for environmental protection purposes.

How to make a perfect curl? For the best results, start with freshly washed and dried hair.

1.Plug into an electric outlet and long press the switch to turn it on, the white LED will blink. Then you can adjust the temperature according to your hair type by pressing the switch(ready light). The temperature setting will be reached in about 40 seconds.

Generally follow below standards
(120℃,140℃) for fine hair or dyed hair.
(160℃,180℃) for general hair.
(160℃,180℃) for thick, wavy, natural curl hair or hard-to-curl hair.

For spirals or lighter curls, choose the high heat setting.
For a looser curl or wavy, we recommend the low setting.
If you want to create a variety of curls, try to do it with different combinations of heat and time.
1. Begin by carefully combing through hair to smooth it. Then take a 1/2 inch to heat unit.
2. Position the device where you want to curl to start. Make sure the device and the hair stay vertical when you are curling it. Then press the direction button to adjust according to the type of curl you’d like.
3.Rotate1-3 circles according to the length of the hair and stay 2-3 seconds each time.
4.Pres the left side button to curl your left hair, the right side button to curl right hair.

Please follow the right way of operation
Try to run the appliance several times without touching your hair before you are skilled enough to manipulate it on the hair by yourself.
Make sure that you’ve chosen the right direction button before curling your hair.
1. Cleaning the electric appliance when the heated part is completely cooled down.
2. You must use the soft cloth to wipe it. If not, your appliance may be damaged.
3. Don’t use any detergent to wash it, nor can you submerge it in the water for cleansing.
4. After completely cooled down, put it somewhere dry and clean. Keep out of reach of children. Never store it in the kitchen or in the bathroom where it is usually humid or hot.
5. Do not pull, twist its power cord, or wind it around the electric appliance’s main body. If not, it may cause an electric shock during using. Instead of winding the cord around the appliance after use, roll the cord up loosely and left it rest by the side of the appliance.

Product Specifications

Model Number TS-8504 Power cord 1.95m,0.5mm² round cord
Product size: 33.5×3.3cm Function Auto hair curling
Voltage 100-240V,50/60Hz Plug type US/EU/UK/AU
Max Power 25W Max temperature 200°C
Auto off Yes Ceramic coated floating plates Yes
30s fast heat up Yes PTC heater Yes
Certified product Yes 360 degree swivel cord Yes
LED temperature display Yes Application Domestic, travel, hotel
Color Red/pink/customized Brand Customized
MOQ 3000 pcs Trade terms FOB, EXW
Place of origin Ningbo, China OEM/ODM Yes
Delivery time 35 days Shipping By Sea


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